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What to Expect at your first appointment

Postural Therapy is a whole body approach to relieve chronic pain. When our body experiences pain it is communicating to us that there is a problem with our body's joint alignment and muscle-length tension relationship.  Pain is a signal which alerts the body that something is going on. We fear pain and many times use drugs and modalities to mask it.  If we listen to our body and find out why the pain is coming on then we can put an end to the pain for good. Pain in one particular part of the body (for example the knee) is often the result of that area compensating for a problem somewhere else. Postural therapy analyzes your posture relative to it's proper blue print.

     Your Postural Assessment includes

*   Discussing your symptoms, current struggles, short term and long term goals with Courtney.

*  Taking postural photos and analyze what compensations and dysfunctions are causing your pain.

*   Functional testing - You will be taken through some tests to see how the body moves and how it compensates.

*   A run through your menu which is a sequence of exercises designed to restore function to your body and eliminate pain.

*   A copy of this menu along with a digital version with videos of how to do each exercise.

​If you do not live in the NH area, no problem, Functional Fitness  offers sessions via Skype and Face Time

What is Postural Therapy and how can it relieve chronic pain?

Treat the cause not the symptom